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Angel Falls Book Trailer
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In the lonely town of Angel Falls, a weathered private investigator is plunged into a world where shadows hold secrets.

Welcome to a journey through the chilling depths of the human psyche and the hidden, haunting recesses of Angel Falls. 


A weathered private investigator navigating the murky waters of a high-stakes case. Tasked by a wealthy magnate to locate his missing wife, the investigator plunges into a world where shadows hold secrets, and the truth is a nebulous entity. But this isn't a typical missing person case—the missing woman is a tormented soul, battling a profound multiple personality disorder.

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As our investigator peels back layers of the missing woman's past, a harrowing tale emerges. It unravels a history stained with ritual abuse, plunging him into a labyrinthine descent fraught with darkness. The detective's quest takes him to the enigmatic Angel Falls, where the boundaries between reality and the occult blur, and the pungent scent of malevolence hangs in the air.


With each step deeper into this sinister realm, the investigator's grip on reality begins to slip, raising doubts about his own safety. As innocent souls vanish into the abyss, a chilling realization dawns—the looming threat may not spare him.


But amidst this chaos, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of the missing woman's appointed psychiatrist. A partner in the pursuit of truth, the psychiatrist holds keys to unlocking the mysteries that shroud this elusive figure. Together, they navigate the treacherous corridors of the mind, seeking answers that may bring solace or lead to an abyss of terror.

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'Angel Falls' is a haunting odyssey that delves into the human psyche's darkest corners, where the macabre dances hand in hand with the inexplicable. As the investigator inches closer to uncovering the truth, the specter of danger looms larger, casting an ominous shadow over his existence.


Prepare to be ensnared in a tale that blurs the boundaries between reality and nightmare. Brace yourself for a journey through the eerie, where the line between good and evil fades into a chilling obscurity. 'Angel Falls' will linger in your mind, haunting your dreams long after the final page is turned

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