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In the gloomy, forgotten corners of a small, dreary town, a bullied young boy named Cody finds solace in an unexpected friendship that promises to end his torment.

In “Belial,” Cody’s troubles begin to fade when he stumbles upon a peculiar, otherworldly creature in the local graveyard. Cody, a shy and introverted child, endures relentless bullying at the hands of his classmates. The torment reaches its peak one fateful day when he flees into the forest to escape his tormentors. It's there that he discovers a grotesque and enigmatic creature, a demonic being named Belial.

Belial offers Cody protection, strength, and the power to strike back at his tormentors. The once helpless boy begins to assert himself, gaining newfound confidence and respect among his peers. However, as Cody’s life improves, Belial’s thirst for vengeance against those who wronged him grows insatiable and uncontrollable. The bond between the boy and the demonic creature becomes increasingly unholy, and Cody must confront the terrifying consequences of his newfound power.

“Belial” is a gripping tale of friendship, revenge, and the blurred lines between good and evil. As Cody and Belial’s destinies intertwine, readers will be taken on a dark and thrilling journey that explores the price of power and the danger of seeking vengeance beyond control. Can Cody break free from Belial's malevolent grasp, or will their bond lead to the ultimate tragedy? Dive into this chilling story where the supernatural and the human world collide in an explosive climax that will leave you questioning the nature of friendship and the limits of revenge.

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