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Between Dreams Book Trailer
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A medical student who is searching for a cure for a rare form of sleep epilepsy that took the life of his brother uncovers the mysteries of consciousness.

Aris, a dedicated medical student haunted by the loss of his brother to a rare form of sleep epilepsy, embarks on an extraordinary journey in search of a cure. Driven by grief and a relentless determination, he delves deep into the realm of alternative dream therapy. Little does he know that this quest will lead him to the enigmatic world of lucid dreaming, a state of consciousness where one can control the very fabric of their dreams. With the support of his professors, Aris sets out to prove his unconventional theories through scientific experimentation. A brave volunteer's spiritual encounter during these trials becomes the catalyst for Aris's newfound conviction in the paranormal. Leaving behind his academic pursuits, he becomes wholly dedicated to exploring this controversial field, risking everything to validate his groundbreaking findings.

As Aris's journey takes a bizarre turn, a series of inexplicable coincidences rattles his peers, who accuse him of orchestrating elaborate hoaxes. Determined to expose what they believe to be trickery, they set out on a mission to debunk his claims. However, what they unearth during their investigation shatters their beliefs and transforms their lives forever. “Between Dreams" is a gripping tale of scientific discovery, personal sacrifice, and the blurring of the line between reality and the realm of dreams, leaving readers questioning the boundaries of human consciousness and the mysteries that lie within.

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