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Third Story Book Trailer
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Unravel the web of intrigue, secrets, and desire in this captivating tale where the heart and mind clash in a high-stakes game of deception and danger.

In the shadowy world of con artists, Derek and Connor have honed their skills, moving from city to city to evade their financial troubles. Their latest mark, the enigmatic and wealthy Warren, seems like the perfect prey. Little do they know that Warren is no ordinary victim; he is a mastermind who revels in deception as much as they do.

 Warren's obsession with Derek takes a dark turn when he confesses to being one step ahead of their grifting game, aware of Derek's phony advances. But to their surprise, Derek's feelings are not a ruse – he has genuinely fallen for the cunning Warren. Now, love and manipulation entwine, sparking a deadly battle for Derek's affection between Connor and Warren.

 As the lies deepen and the stakes rise, none of them can see the truth through the maze of deceit. Love, lust, and murder become the name of the game, blurring the lines between perpetrator and victim. In the end, they discover that they are all mere pawns, skillfully played by a chessmaster of deception.

 In this thrilling crime novel, loyalties are tested, and trust becomes a precious commodity. Who will emerge as the true master of manipulation? In a world where nothing is as it seems, the players dance to a deadly tune orchestrated by an unseen hand. 

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