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Mr. Lockjaw's Sideshow Book Trailer
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Step right up and join Miles and Mr. Lockjaw as they navigate a world where ventriloquism meets the supernatural, and crime hides behind the carnival lights in this gripping novel.

Mr. Lockjaw's Sideshow is a tantalizing journey into the eccentric and eerie life of ventriloquist Miles Brimley. With dreams of becoming a beloved children's TV host, Miles's career is teetering on the brink of collapse. His professional struggles and personal failures reach a tipping point when he encounters his puppet, the unnerving and enigmatic Mr. Lockjaw, whose creepy grin seems to have a life of its own. Miles's fortunes take a sharp turn when he and Mr. Lockjaw find themselves invited to join a carnival sideshow, thrusting them into a world filled with strange and captivating characters. Little does Miles know, this is just the beginning of a harrowing adventure that will change his life forever.

The story takes a sinister twist when Miles inadvertently stumbles upon the carnival owner's criminal activities, putting him and Mr. Lockjaw in mortal danger. In a heart-pounding sequence of events, it's Mr. Lockjaw's quick wit and resourcefulness that save their lives. As the plot thickens, it is revealed that the carnival's inhabitants are not ordinary showmen; they are part of a mysterious cult that practices ancient rituals involving human sacrifice. Mr. Lockjaw becomes an unwitting pawn in this dark and macabre game. But rather than resist, the unsettling puppet embraces his newfound role and manipulates Miles into joining him on a ride into the unknown.

In a world filled with colorful characters, vengeful victims, and an angry boss, Miles and Mr. Lockjaw must rely on their resourcefulness and sharp wit to navigate the treacherous path ahead. Their comedic prowess, combined with a spine-tingling sense of danger, keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Mr. Lockjaw's Sideshow is a thrilling and humorous exploration of the unexpected alliances that form in the most bizarre circumstances. It offers readers a unique blend of ventriloquism, supernatural elements, and the dark underbelly of carnival life. 

Step right up and join Miles and Mr. Lockjaw as they navigate a world where comedy and horror entwine to create an unforgettable tale.

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